Lean Training

5S Workshop


5S is a workplace organization methodology designed to simplify production processes by giving workers from management to the shop floor an understanding of how work is accomplished. This workshop gives participants the knowledge they need to apply the 5S Lean Technique to their workplace. 5S is taught as the foundation of a Lean Enterprise and then applied to a selected area.

Course Content

Participants will learn the methods of the 5S system and then apply what they have learned in a live situation in their own facility. They will also learn what tools & techniques make up a successful and on-going 5S program.

Target Area

During the workshop, application activities will occur in a department or workstation in the participants’ facility. The area selected will be transformed into a more efficient work area with sustainment tools in place, and will be a showcase for illustrating 5S principles.


The workshop is designed for 5-12 people.

Duration and Location

The workshop is two or three 8-hour days, depending on the situation.  


There are no pre-requisites for this course.


Information on scheduling and fees can be obtained by calling 918-906-5226.

Lean Thinking will:

  • Reduce Lead Times by 80%
  • Reduce WIP up to 90%
  • Reduce Floor Space 75%
  • Improve Quality by 90%

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