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In 1997 Industrial Solutions was established to respond to a market need for practical and effective process improvement services. Since then Industrial Solutions has constructed a complete package of services to help companies improve production performance, shorten lead times, and increase profits. Industrial Solutions has a team of full-time trainers and consultants who bring together their unique skills and a wide range of experience in the application of modern manufacturing methods to help companies implement the principals of Lean Manufacturing.

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Industrial Solutions has trained over 26,000 people in 750 unique companies. We have engaged in comprehensive lean implementation programs with over 100 companies representing industries from aerospace to healthcare, automotive manufacturing to state government, machining job shops to retail stores and fencing contractors.

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Our Portfolio

In 2003, Industrial Solutions established the Lean Implementer™ Certification program providing companies with the long-term training and vision they need for sustained success. Shortly after that, we added Measurable Management to compliment the lean skills with management training. And, ever since, we’ve added additional Lean Toolbox and support topics to our portfolio.

In 2012, Colin Reed bought ISI from its founder Gerry Raubach. Since then, ISI has added Design for Manufacturability, Toyota Kata, Advanced Facilitation Skills, Lean Green Belt, Service Lean Green Belt, Fundamentals of Lean Thinking Course, and Lean Warehouse 101 among others.

Our Experience

Our history and experience have uniquely equipped us to bring Lean thinking into any company of any size in any industry. If you are interested in Lean Thinking and process improvement but are not sure where your company should start, please contact us to discuss how you can begin your Lean journey.

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Colin Reed

Colin has worked in industry since 1993. He started his lean journey learning from the Japanese consulting firm, Shingijutsu, as a Lean Manufacturing Project Manager at Boeing. While at Boeing, Colin led Lean initiatives with various sub-divisions in the 747 Final Assembly program in Everett, WA, as well as various sites around the U.S. He has been a production manager in the wood industry, and a Lean Manufacturing Engineer with StairMaster in Seattle, WA., and Tulsa, OK. Colin was in the U.S. Army Reserves for over 11 years, starting as an Enlisted soldier in the Engineering Corps and finishing as a Transportation Corps Officer. Colin has been with Industrial Solutions since 2005 and took over as owner from the founder in 2012.

Colin has managed cross-functional teams to implement Lean, and has a balanced background in Project Management, Supervision, Employee Training, and direct shop floor implementation. He has facilitated scores of Kaizen events, as well as provided training and guidance to production crews, salaried personnel and management in Lean concepts such as Standard Work, VSM, Strategic Deployment, One-Piece Flow, TPM, QCO, Performance Measures, Distribution and Retrieval Systems, Production Controls, Pull Systems, and Workplace Organization (5S). He has worked with over 250 companies in dozens of different industries and environments since joining Industrial Solutions.

Colin holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering Technology, from the University of Dayton in Dayton, OH.


Rosa Griffin

Rosa Griffin has over 10 years of experience in various manufacturing and service industries. She is an efficient leader with success in coordinating efforts within internal and external teams to surpass expectations through continuous improvements and project management.  

She obtained her Lean Six-Sigma Green Belt at T.D. Williamson thru Air Academy Associates.  Rosa was introduced to Lean early in her career during her time at Spirit AeroSystems in 2008. As her passion for lean evolved, she became certified as Lean Implementor thru Industrial Solutions in 2010.  

She joined T.D. Williamson in 2013 as a Manufacturing and Applications Engineer. In 2019, she joined the healthcare industry. Throughout her career she has facilitated dozens ofKaizen events and is expertly skilled in Lean concepts such as Value Stream Mapping, Visual Management, 5S+Safety, Standard Work, Performance Measurement, and Waste Reduction among others.  

She is fluent in Spanish and holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management from Oklahoma State University.


Jason Haines

Jason has worked in manufacturing for over 20 years. He was introduced to Lean early in his career while a machine operator at Ohio Metal Technologies, where the concepts were implemented on a daily basis within all facets of the organization. His continued using Lean concepts at Griffin Wheel as a laborer, machine operator and middle molding lead, where he used his experience to help the line production increase in efficiency and lessen wastes in the production process.  Jason moved to Arizona and became production supervisor at SAPA Aluminum in 2011.

When he moved on to PrimeTime Commerce  he garnered a strong passion for Lean to help companies and their processes become more efficient and help drive waste reduction through lean practices. He was trying to find a way to lower the lead times from 3-5 days down to a process that produced, packaged and shipped all product the same day. That is when he read the book Lean Thinking by James Womack and realized he could use a type of cell flow process that would help with scheduling, production, and packaging. From there his passion for lean grew. He went on to Hadrian Manufacturing and helped develop Kanban systems, Point of Use Systems, implemented Five S, Eight Waste Training, and the Lego Game training. Jason has worked with logistics, manufacturing, service companies, and office areas on developing Lean processes.

Jason has background in Project Management, Supervision, Employee Training, and direct shop floor implementation. He has worked with hourly employees, salaried personnel and management in Lean concepts such as Standard Work, VSM, One-Piece Flow, TPM, Performance Measures, Production Controls, Pull Systems, Statistical Process Control, Visual Management, and Workplace Organization (5S).

Jason holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Marketing, from Franklin University in Columbus, OH. He also holds a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification from Arizona State University and a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt from the Pyzdek Institute.


Gerry Raubach

Gerry founded Industrial Solutions in 1997, and has over 30 years of experience in all phases of manufacturing. During his career, Mr. Raubach has held positions of responsibility over engineering, drafting, materials planning, purchasing, production control, quality assurance and manufacturing. He was vice president of operations for a multi-plant manufacturing company before starting Industrial Solutions.

Gerry has been directly involved in successfully implementing Lean Manufacturing, “just-in-time” production, pull systems, ISO-9000 certification and self-directed work teams in a variety of manufacturing operations. He has conducted hundreds of seminars and workshops dealing with lean manufacturing, administration, management and supervision, communication skills and problem solving techniques.

Gerry holds master’s degrees in engineering and business administration from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.