Workshops in Lean Tools

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Kanban Workshop

This workshop is designed to give participants the knowledge they need to apply the Lean technique of using pull signals to replenish materials and initiate production actions.

5S Workshop

Five-S is a workplace organization methodology designed to simplify production processes by giving workers from management to the shop floor an understanding of how work is accomplished. This workshop gives participants the knowledge they need to apply the 5-S Lean Technique to their workplace. Five-S is taught as the foundation of a Lean Enterprise and then applied to a selected area.

Cell Flow Workshop

This workshop will give participants the knowledge and information they need to design and implement single-piece flow work cells. Data collection tools, line balancing, POUS, ergonomics, visual controls and standard work concepts are covered while implementing on a company’s process.

Quick Changeover Workshop

This workshop is designed to give participants the knowledge they need to apply the technique of Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED) to any machine or process. All SMED principles are covered with dozens of examples. During the workshop, a set-up is witnessed and data is collected by the participants. It’s then reviewed and the SMED techniques are applied and implemented.

Total Productive Maintenance Workshop

The Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Workshop is designed to give participants a working knowledge of the TPM philosophy and experience in designing the data collection methods needed to calculate the Operational Equipment Effectiveness.

Training Within Industry Workshop

This workshop will teach front-line managers, supervisors and team leaders how to use the Training Within Industry methods to effectively impart the skills needed to perform work.

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