Facilitation Skills


Reduce Lead Times by 80%          Reduce WIP by up to 90%           Reduce Floor Space by 75%           Improve Quality by 50%


Facilitation Skills Fliers:
Facilitation Skills – 16 hours
Advanced Facilitator Skills – 40 hours


Course Overview
This course is designed to train people who will be leading employee teams through continuous improvement projects, kaizen events and workshops. The skills needed by an effective team leader are a combination of analytical problem-solving abilities and interpersonal leadership abilities. This course teaches how to apply the tools of lean manufacturing in enough detail to know when and how the tools are used. We include instruction on flow-charting, takt time, line balancing, work combination charts, set-up reduction methods, work standardization, 5-S methods, problem solving and more. The course also teaches how to organize, direct and lead employee teams to accomplish specific objectives. We teach how to recognize team problems and work through those problems to achieve successful outcomes in the face of resistance.


The workshop is 2 full days for a total of 16 hours.

ISI also offers a more intense, deeper focused and interactive 5-day Advanced Facilitation Skills course.

Participants should have completed a basic training course in lean manufacturing principles such as Lean 101 or equivalent.


The workshop is designed for 6-12 people.

Course Content
All aspects of planning and running improvement events are covered in 3 main phases: Pre-Event, Days 1-5, and Post-Event planning.

Information on fees can be obtained by calling 918-280-9051, or visiting www.isiworld.net for contact information.

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