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ISI’s Measurable Management will have it’s next Open Enrollment class starting August 18, 2017


Classes are 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM.


Tulsa Technology Center
3638 S Memorial Dr
Tulsa, OK 74145


Class is limited to 12 students.


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                                                                      “Total cost savings of our projects – $50,180 per year.

specific-systemsWhile the total savings is impressive, what is more impressive is the mind-set that each person came away with. Among them is an awareness of how their immediate area and surrounding areas should operate. They now look for ways of improvement.”

L. Meredith
Engineering Manager
Specific Systems



“Invaluable training! Our Lean program is now on steroids!”


We recognize that top management leadership is crucial to a successful lean effort. But we also know that Front Line Leadership is the missing link to effectively implementing and sustaining the lean transformation. The best intentions of top management often breaks down at the process level. Our lean Leadership model glues all of this together into an solid loop where the top level goals of the business are translated into meaningful lean activities that lead to real sustained performance improvement.


The Measurable Management program combines the best leadership principles with a practical application element that yields powerful results and real transformation in the behavior of your key leaders. The program is delivered in small pieces over a 14 week period which allows time to reinforce the principles, apply them in real-life situations and receive expert coaching along the way.


Want immediate savings? Often, just one of the three projects a student does during the course will pay for the entire course for everyone enrolled by their company. Here are some recent Measurable Management supervisor training student project results from ISI led classes:


  • Eliminating Waste in Material Receiving              –   Annual Savings: $23,400
  • Coordinating Painted Unit w/ Assembly Parts     –   Annual Savings: $18,000
  • Raw Material Warehousing                                   –   Annual Savings: $26,000
  • Organize & Re-arrange Hone and Grind Areas    –   Annual Savings: $37,500


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The objective of the Measurable Management® Program is to create a team of leaders who will effectively use leadership and team building, process improvement, and improvement implementation projects to produce measurable outcomes.



Measurable management is designed for front line managers and supervisors who are engaged in any type of continuous improvement initiative.



The program is delivered in small segments over a 12-14 week period of time. The students will identify and implement at least three improvement ideas at their company over the course of the program, to practice the skills they are learning. The total class room and project time is approximately 60 hours over the 12-14 week period.


There are no pre-requisites for this course.


Information on fees can be obtained by calling 918-280-9051, or visiting for contact information.


Course Content

Measurable Management ® equips front line leaders with skills and tools to engage their employees in continuous improvement activity within the company. This course is also a perfect complement to the company’s process improvement initiatives (e.g. Six Sigma, Lean) and will yield measurable improvements.


Measurable Management Program Guarantee

If at the end of the training program your organization does not receive at least a one-time return on your investment as a direct result of the program, we will refund you the difference.


Students learn a management skill set and communication tools needed to help their companies follow through on the lean initiative. The students complete projects during the course, so they can practice the tools learned under the guidance of the ISI instructor. As a result, the students end up making significant cost savings to the company during the course. Often, just one idea from one student will pay for the cost of all the students the company put in the class.

These are great savings, but aren’t the result of a student running formal kaizen events. They are the result of a supervisor recognizing an issue and working to lead a team to a solution, and follow through on it. They not only saved time, but streamlined procedures, developed standard work, & saved floor space.


Here are some other recent Measurable Management student project results from ISI led classes:

  • Paperwork and traceability streamlining              –   Annual Savings: $14,600
  • Assembly parts and layout for changeovers         –   Annual Savings: $13,300
  • Maintenance scheduling and material storage    –   Annual Savings: $10,800
  • Part stocking and flow through plant                    –   Annual Savings: $37,000


And, just like in Lean, the Return on Investment is in days, not months.


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