Lean Warehouse 101

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“Industrial Solutions’ Lean training is a very good program that can be used across many businesses. They have talented people that are able to articulate the materials and cultures needed to implement and sustain these programs and solutions.


Thank you for your help, job well done!”


T. Bybee
Director of Fabrication

Lean Warehouse 101

Reduce Lead Times by 80%          Reduce WIP by up to 90%           Reduce Floor Space by 75%           Improve Quality by 90%

Lean 101 Warehouse Flier


Industrial Solutions is proud to introduce our new Lean 101 Warehouse course!


This hands-on and fun class that demonstrates that there are tools out there to fix our issues, no matter what work environment you have. For companies that are distributors or any company that has warehousing operations, this class is a must to increase margins and remain competitive.


It’s an 8-hr class with 3 rounds of simulation to apply the techniques being taught.


The goal of Lean Warehouse 101 is to equip distributers to be more competitive in their respective markets. Through understanding how to implement Lean Principles, participants can make changes in their facility that will eliminate waste, maximize productivity and increase profits. The class will yield immediate results as students return to their workplace with an understanding of waste and how to begin eliminating it from the process.

A great class for distributers, warehouses, logistics companies or any company that has warehousing operations.


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The workshop is designed for up to 15 people.


Duration and Location
The workshop is 1 day and 8 full hours. Classes are typically taught at the clients local Technology Center, or on-site with the proper facilities.


In Tulsa, classes and simulations are located at Tulsa Technology’s Training Center:
3638 S. Memorial Drive, Tulsa, OK.


In Oklahoma City, classes and simulations are located at Metro Technology Center:

1700 Springlake Drive, OKC, OK 73111


There are no pre-requisites for this course.

Information on fees can be obtained by calling 918-280-9051.


Course Content

Participants will learn the basic definitions of terms used in Lean Manufacturing, as well as 5S, Visual Controls, Facility Layout, Teams, Batch Size Reduction, Quality at the Source, POUS, and Pull Systems.


The class consists of a combination of classroom learning and live simulation.



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