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  “We recently rolled out an initiative for the Tulsa Base to become a Center of Excellence, and my organization was tasked with measuring all the components that went through three of my shops.

   We had a deadline to accomplish this within one month, and I was able to pull together three teams of employees that had been through the Lean Implementer class.

   They completed Functional Flow Charts, Spaghetti Charts, Current State Layout and Data collection from all the components that are produced within these three shops and were able to meet our deadline.

   I was so excited that these employees were able to optimize the training they received from the Lean Implementer class. This is why I believe it is important that we invest in our employees, and now we are reaping the benefits of it.”

T. Lance
Sr. Manager CRO Interiors
American Airlines

The Lean Implementer Program is intended to provide a detailed course of study and application of lean principles that will equip individuals to lead transformation activities within their own company. The breadth and depth of the program, spanning 200 hours, provides ample time for the participant to obtain a full understanding of the basic tools of lean manufacturing. The outcome of the program is to produce individuals who are knowledgeable, skilled and capable of leading others in the proper application of lean principles in their workplace.


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Lean Implementer Registration Form


The next set of classes are scheduled for January 2018 in Tulsa. If you’d like to be in the course, fill out the form below. Seats are fill up quickly, and classes are limited to 10 people.


To register for the course, download this form:  Lean Implementer Registration Form


Tulsa – Track 54 Winter/Spring 2018 Lean Implementer  

Lean Implementer Track 54 –   Tulsa 
January 22-25
February 26 – March 1
March 26-29
April 23-26
May 21-24



We have added Toyota Kata to the training. Students now get an introduction to the philosophy, coaching and incremental improvement methods and forms used in a Kata program. They’re be able to practice the Improvement Kata during the class.


The following are the core lean tools and topics covered in the Lean Implementer Program:


This program is 5 months long, and will meet for 4 consecutive days per month, for a total of 20 days.


This program provides training to people who want to lead a Lean transformation within a company. The curriculum consists of rigorous classroom training and shop floor exercises in the core tools and disciplines of Lean Manufacturing.


Theory is good, but participants must be able to apply the principles. Therefore, we conduct all training at a host location where participants experience real-life scenarios on the shop floor of a company that is engaged in a Lean Initiative. Also, homework is assigned between sessions, and the student must complete a kaizen event during the course. Students present their kaizen event results to the class during the last week of training.


Resources and Materials
Each participant will receive a wealth of materials including access to beneficial on-line resources. ISI has created training materials to cover dozens of lean topics, and these are constantly modified to relate to the realities seen by Oklahoma manufacturers.


We administer monthly quizzes to check student understanding. At the end of the program, each participant completes a Board Examination. This is an open-book, written and oral exam.


To register, call (918) 280-9051 or download the Lean Implementer Registration Form.


Participants should have completed a basic training course in Lean Manufacturing principles, including the identification of the 8 basic forms of waste in manufacturing.


Information on fees can be obtained by calling 918-280-9051, or click here for contact information.


Students learn to think lean, implement lean, and lead the lean initiative. The results go well beyond the boundaries of the class, and are carried forth throughout a career.

Some recent student kaizen result examples:

  • Cable Reel Pull System: Customer Lead Time: Before- 9 Weeks, After- 4 weeks   56% decrease ;  Manufacturing Lead Time: Before- 10 days,  After- 3 days. 70% decrease ;  Part  Travel Before – 4953’, After 1936’    61% decrease
  • Tool Crib, Pre-set and Grind: Build Time: Before- 50 min., After- 15 min,   70% decrease ; Foot Travel: Before- 1437’,  After- 250’. 83% decrease ;  Process Steps Before – 128, After 51  60% decrease     Added 3640 hrs. of capacity, savings of $397,000 annually
  • International Export Process: NVA Time: Before- 420 min/job, After- 35 min/job,   92% decrease  ;  Job Processing Time: Before- 60 min.,  After- 46 min. 23% decrease
  • Machining Cellular Flow – EDM: Part Travel in Plant: Before- 3522’, After- 2000’,  43% decrease  ;  Order Lead Time: Before- 32.4 days.,  After- 1.6 days. 95% decrease


Student Testimonials

– “Being able to collaborate with people with different backgrounds, with different companies. It made me look at my processes differently.”

– “I finally understand how all the lean tools fit together, and it has made me better able to teach the process.”

– “I think lean naturally, but now I can apply it to many situations. This has been 5 months of a Swiss Army knife of tools to attack waste.”

– “I’ve worked with lean experts in the past, but was never exposed to the concepts like in this class. I learned a lot from the different people in the class, and seeing how others worked a problem.”

– “It’s given me the confidence to run events. It’ll be rough at first, but now I know it will be OK.”

– “Inventory: I’d never seen the waste of time and money in inventory and parts before this class, now I get it. We have hundreds of thousands of dollars in material just sitting around.”

– “It was much more complicated than I thought it would be, I learned my previous experience was lacking.”

– “As a Buyer, it will help me clean up my processes with my group, and w/ my venders as well.”

– “I got a better understanding of the past two years, where we were doing lean, but I didn’t understand how it all went together.  I am on the floor more now, to serve the operator.”

– “Even though I was exposed to lean when I was Six-Sigma & Lean coordinator at my previous company , I was still lacking in my understanding and knowledge of what tools to use.”

– “Confused at first, by the farther we got into it, the more it clicked. VSM was a very valuable tool, used to not like VSM, now I use it all the time.”

– “We reduced enough steps in the cell that the operators were concerned about getting enough daily steps on their pedometers for the Wellness Program.”

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