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Reduce Lead Times by 80%          Reduce WIP by up to 90%           Reduce Floor Space by 75%           Improve Quality by 90%


The Toyota Kata methodology of improvement enables a company to grow their people while incrementally moving the company towards a desired future vision.
Toyota Kata works to change the culture, so that gains that are made not only stick, but improve regularly. It develops the relationships of front-line supervision with top management, and gives leaders a chance to continually guide their subordinates in problem solving and teamwork skills.
Toyota Kata’s methodology of daily improvements cycles will move the company towards a desired vision. Participants are able to take the company to new heights that were previously thought impossible, all with existing resources.


When companies develop their people, wonderful things can happen.


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Is your company ready for Kata?  Industrial Solution’s Kata Training and Implementation Program has a practical approach and tools to help a company put in place a daily routine that will yield the desired results. The company will understand the tools & learn the Kata techniques with classroom and practical exercises.
Next, conduct a gap analysis to see what needs to be in place for Kata to be effective and create a plan to get there. Then, a program structured with a daily routine that will yield the desired results is developed.


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The program is designed for a company’s management team.

The initial training, gap analysis and program framework development is typically 3 full days for a total of 24 hours.

Participants should be well versed in waste elimination principles.

Information on fees can be obtained by calling 918-280-9051, or visiting for contact information.

Program Content
ISI will lead a company through:

• Introductory Kata training of management and staff
• Assessing the current state & performing a gap analysis
• Developing the company vision
• Training on coaching skills for the Learner, Coach and 2nd Coaches
• Proper Learner Storyboard layouts, forms and functions
• Establishing the initial Challenge and Target Conditions compared to the Current Condition
• Continued program development and maintenance
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