Lean Waste Stream Certification

Lean Waste Stream Certification Flier

The Lean Waste Stream program uses Lean tools to focus purely on the problems of material flow within organizations, starting with the analysis of waste products as a jumping off point to explore opportunities for material reduction and improved flow.  Participants who complete the Lean Waste Stream program will learn to see garbage differently, with material waste as a symptom of bad process design. Participants learn by doing, by completing a real-world project as a central part of certification.


This class is designed for 10-25 participants.


This course meets for a total of three classroom days.  Class meets one day a month for three months.


None. Participants in this class receive 2.8 CEUs.


Information on fees can be obtained by calling 918-280-9051, or visiting www.isiworld.net for contact information.


Course Content
The Lean Waste Stream certification focuses Lean tools specifically on the solid waste dimension of operations.  The forensic analysis of waste streams provides the entry point for identifying problems that can be addressed through basic Lean tools (Value Stream Mapping, 5S, Eight Wastes, etc.).

Participants complete a real-world project over the course of training, and will meet individually with the instructor as a project coach.  Participants are also expected to complete significant individual work on projects outside of class.

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