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“We have worked with ISI for over three years now. Because of the foundation that ISI allowed us to create, our Lean journey is not only sustainable, it is ingrained into the culture of our company.

ISI didn’t only train many of our leaders and frontline people, they brought a level of accountability that was missing the numerous previous attempts at Lean. ISI teaches that Lean is a thought process, a way of life, a journey with no end, and that every day is better than the previous day by eliminating waste via continuous improvement to achieve one-piece flow.”

C. Davis
Manager, Manufacturing
McElroy Manufacturing

Reduce Lead Times by 80%          Reduce WIP by up to 90%           Reduce Floor Space by 75%           Improve Quality by 50%


Lean Green Belt Course


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Lean GB Agenda.pdf


Next Open Enrollment class starting October 6, 2017 in Tulsa


Class Schedules and Details:


Lean Green Belt Open #8 Tulsa @ Tulsa Technology Center

  • October 6
  • October 13
  • October 20
  • October 27


Classes are 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM each day, and lunch will be provided.

Class is limited to 15 students.


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ISI’s Lean Green Belt is a perfect course for anyone looking to get an in-depth understanding of the lean tools and what’s needed to effectively transform a company. Lean Green Belt is designed to fill the void between the basic 8-hour Lean 101 Class and the 200-hour Lean Implementer Course for Lean Champions.


It has also been crafted with management of all levels in mind, front-line supervisors to CEOs. These leaders may not always be running events, but they need to be able to speak the language and understand the concepts enough to fully support the Lean initiative.


This course goes deep into the cultural change a Lean transition will bring. Spread out over four 8-hour days, the course takes students through the lean tools, but with an emphasis on culture change and leadership’s role in the process. Loaded with case studies, breakout sessions, and hands-on exercises, the course has been designed to engage students and get them to practice the concepts in the classroom environment.


It is 32 hours of intense, interactive and fun training that will invigorate leaders with a new understanding of their role in a Lean company.


Lean Green Belt Agenda and Overview:


Lean GB Agenda.pdf

Day 1
• Lean Overview and Culture, The 8 Deadly Wastes, 5S/ Visual Controls, Lean Formulas, Mapping of Processes

Day 2
• Plant Layout, Standard Work, Training Within Industry, Mistake Proofing

Day 3
•  Quick Changeover, Total Productive Maintenance, Cellular Flow, Pull Systems

Day 4
•  Lean Performance Measures, Leadership Roles, Strategic Planning, Successful Lean Deployment, Test, Wrap Up


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