Fast Track Programs


Reduce Lead Times by 80%          Reduce WIP by up to 90%           Reduce Floor Space by 75%           Improve Quality by 90%


Fast-Track Program Implementation

Do you have a continuous improvement program which:

√  has had trouble getting off the ground?

√  has stalled?

√  is not performing at the level it should be?

√  isn’t driving the correct behavior by management or operators?

√  has no ownership or buy-in?

√  seems to work at other companies, but not yours for some reason?

√  is affecting your Supplier Rating with customers?

Would you like to fix this program in just five to seven days?

It can be possible. ISI can quickly get your under-performing program working and driving your company towards the cultural change you’re looking for.

The Lean Toolbox has many items that need to become functioning, measurable programs. Companies that don’t have a good handle on items such as 5S, Standard Work, TPM, etc., will see limited results and won’t get the most out of those tools. 

Too often these programs start with great intentions, but have a short half-life. ISI can, in very short order, give your company the training and infrastructure you need to have a robust, viable program.

Industrial Solutions will work with your company to:

⇒  Train the entire company on the basic concepts

⇒  Develop the program infrastructure

⇒  Design the metrics

⇒  Provide tailored forms to fit the unique needs of your company

⇒  Train your key people at a Train-the-Trainer level

⇒  Provide ongoing mentoring to help your management get the most out of the program

We’ll quickly help you fix your improvement initiatives such as:

5S/Visual Factory                                                      Training Within Industry / Standard Work

Total Productive Maintenance                                   • Lean Performance Measures

Kata Programs                                                          • Problem Solving

• Quality Programs                                                      • ISO Compliance

Kaizen Event ProgramsFacilitation Skills              • Six-Sigma


A typical schedule looks like this:


An ISI consultant –

1. Works with key people to evaluate the current situation.

2. Facilitates the development of a new program infrastructure that would include guidelines, procedures, forms, schedules, and metrics.

3. Trains the company employees on the basics of the lean concept, and the company application of it.

4. Facilitates the implementation of the new program.

5. Returns for 1-day per week coaching and mentoring over 6 weeks to ensure the new program takes hold.

How long will all this take? For a typical company process, steps 1-4 can take as little as 5-7 days.


ISI has the expertise.  ISI has the skills.  ISI has the resources.


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