“OSECO has used ISI extensively for training for all of our new employees in Lean concepts.  Additionally, ISI has assisted our business with the creation of a custom Lean Facilitator program.  This initiative resulted in 15 of our managers and technical leaders being equipped to lead Lean events, not only on the shop floor, but also with many of our office value streams.” 

M. Zinter
Director of Operations

ISI has the expertise.  ISI has the skills.  ISI has the resources.


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Industrial Solutions – ISI Services


Industrial Solutions has developed it’s own training material over the years, covering the broad range of subjects listed below. These were created to meet the unique requirements of manufacturers in the southwest, which features a majority of job shops and high product mix environments. Our training materials are constantly updated by ISI Consultants, and adapted to meet each client’s specific needs and circumstances.


Our consultants are experts on a vast array of subjects, and can facilitate improvement events on any of them, leading the process owners to achieve great gains. Improvement events are the best way to quickly transform the workspace and get employees engaged in the process.
Consultants at ISI have led thousands of events at hundreds of companies. Whatever the situation, ISI can help your company reduce lead times, improve quality, reduce inventory, and open up capacity while exceeding your customer’s expectations. Call us today for a no-obligation site visit to discuss your company’s needs.


What kind of gains can your company attain? Click here for examples: ISI Led Event Results


ISI has our own lean training materials on the shelf, ready to use. Our Consultants are ready to help your company with:


Lean Basic Training w/ Simulations
Lean 101 w/ Live Simulation
ISI Lean Basic Training: 4 hrs., 6 hrs., or 8 hrs.
Lean Warehouse 101 w/ Live Simulation
Lean 101 Pizza w/ Live Simulation (Food Industry)
• Lean Office w/ Live Simulation
• Lean 201 (Cellular Flow & Pull Systems)



Lean Toolbox Subjects
• 3P (Production Preparation Process)
• Strategic Deployment
Value Stream Mapping
Value Added Mapping for Administrative Processes
5S Workshop – Training and Program Development
5S for Management
• Visual Factory Management
• Standard Work
Quick Changeover
Cellular Manufacturing
Pull Systems
Total Productive Maintenance – Training and Program Development
Training Within Industry  – Training and Program Development


Lean Champion Training
Lean Implementer Course – 200 hrs.
• Lean Implementer Course for Service Industries – 184 hrs.
• Lean Practitioner Program – 96 hrs.
Facilitator Training -16 hrs
 Advanced Facilitation Skills – 40 hrs.


Management Training
Lean Green Belt – 32 hrs.
• Lean Green Belt for Service Industries – 32 hrs.
• Lean Bootcamp for Middle Management
• Lean Bootcamp for Top Management
• Change Management for Lean Leaders
• Communication Skills for Lean Leaders
• Front Line Leadership Skills for the Lean Enterprise
• Team Building
Measurable Management – 60 hrs.


Additional Lean Subjects
• A3 /8D Workshop
Design for Manufacturability
• Facility Layout – Office, Manufacturing
• ISO 9001-2008/2015  Training and Audit Preparation
Kata Introductory Training & Implementation Program
• Lean Performance Measures
• Mistake Proofing
• Problem Solving
• Root Cause Analysis
• Six Sigma
• Statistical Process Control
• Supply Chain Management
• Sensei Services
• Visual Factory Management


Classes available in Spanish:
• Lean 101 w/ Live Simulation
• 5S Workshop
• Total Productive Maintenance


In conjunction with the OU Lean Institute, ISI also provides the following training and certification programs:• Lean Six Sigma Certification training:

Lean and Green Certification (reducing environmental impact)

Lean Waste Stream Certification (reductions in material waste)
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